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Adams Wells Crisis Center (Decatur)  http://awcc.embarqspace.com – 260-728-9800 / 1-800-728-9800

The Caring Place (Valparaiso)  www.thecaringplacenwi.org –  219-464-2128 / 1-800-933-0466

iFiT, A program of Family Services of Elkhart county, Inc. (Elkhart) – www.ifitelkhart.org –  574-295-6595

Haven House, Inc (Hammond) – 219-931-2090

Heminger House, Plymouth – 574-936-7233

North Central Indiana Rural Crisis Center, Inc (Rensselaer) – 219-866-8825

Rainbow Shelter, Gary Commission for Women (Gary) – 219-886-1600

St. Jude House (Crown Point)  www.stjudehouse.org –  219-662-7066

The Stepping Stone Shelter for Women (Michigan City) – 219-879-4615

YWCA of Northeast Indiana – Domestic Violence Services (Ft.Waynehttp://www.ywca.org  –  260-424-4908

YWCA of North Central Indiana (South Bend)  www.ywcasjc.org –   574-233-9491


A Better Way Services, Inc. (Muncie)  www.abetterwaymuncie.org –   765-288-help

Alternatives, Inc. (Anderson)  www.alternativesdv.org – 1-866-593-9999

Desert Rose (Martinsville)  www.desertrose.cc –   765-342-rose

Hands of Hope (Marion) – 800-434-8973

The Julian Center (Indianapolis)  www.juliancenter.org –   317-941-2200

Sheltering Wings Center For Women(Danville)  www.shelteringwings.org –   317-745-1496

WINGS (Quest for Excellence)(Indianapolis) www.q4e.org/–   317-283-5730

YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (Lafayette)
888-345-1118 (toll-free)    or   765-423-1118 (local)


Albion Fellows Bacon Center,Inc.(Evansville)  www.albionfellowsbacon.org – Domestic Violence -812-422-5622

Sexual Assault – 812-424-7273

The Center for Women and Families  (Sellersburg)  www.thecenteronline.org –   1-877-803-7577

Council On Domestic Abuse (CODA) (Terre Haute)  www.codaterrehaute.org –   812-232-1736 / 1-800-566-2632

Hoosier Hills PACT (Salem) – 888-883-1959

Middle Way House, Inc. (Bloomington)  www.middlewayhouse.org –   812-333-7404

New Directions of Decatur County (Greensburg) – 812-662-8822

Safe Passage, Inc. (Batesville)  www.safepassageinc.org –   812-933-1990

Turning Point-Columbus Regional Shelter For Victims Of Domestic Violence (Columbus)www.turningpointdv.org –   812-379-5575

YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter (Evansville)  www.ywcaevansville.org –   812-422-1191


I Was A Child

child abuse 1

I got this off of another persons blog, their link is below. I hate to have to show this kind of picture but if you don’t get out of an abusive situation…this is what could happen to your children.


Show your support by reading this poem or forwarding this posting. Of  all crimes committed against a person, rape is the one that leaves a person feeling the most violated. A rape victim is often left with the feeling that a part of them has been torn apart. Writing down their express feeling in a poem, is away to release angry, trauma and begin the healing survivor process. Please read one the rape victim’s poem for awareness. Hope you will go to (http://www.aftersilence.org/ ) to show your support, thank you


” I Was a Child “


No, I won’t stay silent anymore.
No, I’m not your good little girl, your princess, your sunshine.
No, it isn’t my responsibility to save your marriage,
To hold the family together, to make you happy.
No, I’m not responsible that you and mum slept in separate beds,
That your family isn’t perfect.
No, it wasn’t nice or fun.
No, it wasn’t OK with me and I didn’t enjoy it.
No, your money won’t make it all better,
Your gifts don’t compensate me.
No, I won’t do anything for your love,
Your approval, your affection.
No, I won’t be blamed or lose respect if I tell what happened.
No, the sky won’t cave in and I won’t be left alone.
No, I won’t deny that it ever happened,
Suppress my feelings or play happy families.
No, I wasn’t horrible or evil.
No, I didn’t deserve it.
I was a child.