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Life Love Quotes and Sayings

No matter how strong we are inside, there is always a part of us that longs for love, care and affection and we get sad when we don’t get that. But, what we have to remember is that we cannot force others to love or care for us. These feelings should come naturally. During these moments when we feel sad and lonely, we need to tune in to our higher self and not go down into the path of darkness. Our higher self will always help us connect to God and our angels whose love for us is pure and unconditional and they are always there for us in our darkest moments. Always call upon your angels when you are feeling down. God sent angels for each one of us because he knew our journey wouldn’t be easy. Have faith in yourself and have faith in God and always know that your angels are right next to you and hence you should never feel lonely. Love and light to all ~Abira MukherjeesayingThe link to the blog is http://www.lifelovequotesandsayings.com

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