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It is true what it says…DO NOT GIVE UP! And I do know how you feel. But unfortunately, the feelings and the tears do not stop. At least for me they hav’nt. Mine are not tears or feelings because I still love him but because tears and feelings of pain. I see the physical scars and I have flash backs. I have Fibrolmyalgia because of him and I live with the very dibilitating pain from that EVERY day. I used to “woman up” and try to deal with it on my own….because I thought there was shame ┬áin going to see a psychiatrist. But within the last couple of months it is like I have had a huge epiphany or something…..I realized that I can’t do this on my own anymore! It has been 7 years….and I still have trouble sleeping, I still look over my shoulder, I still have flash backs, I still get depressed and cry for no reason. Only difference now is, is that I have the most amazing man in the world….and he accepts me the way that I am and helps me through all of my issues. So don’t give up!