Domestic Abuse Video

I came across this link recently and it is a powerful video. It is hurtful to watch but it sends out a powerful message. It is not gross or anything but if you have been through abuse it will bring back memories. The reason for this post is to get the message across that abuse is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please watch and share.

5 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse Video

  1. Hi Sandi… thank you for posting the video. I had actually seen it a while back, but in the interest of someone on my blog I do not feel comfortable reposting there.

    Haven’t heard from you in a while… how have you been?

    • Hi Sweetmarie….I am ok today. I have been hit and miss feeling sick with my Fibromyalgia. That is ok you don’t have to repost if you don’t want to, I totally understand. I am going to try to get back to posting a little more. How are you?

      • I am doing pretty good. I have gotten used to the headaches and problems with my legs from Kevin, but I started changing my eating habits and I have lost about 30 pounds! I feel so much better and I like that he won’t see it lol

        This past week I researched a few domestic violence services organizations and downloaded some volunteer apps. I think it’s time. Eventually, I want my career to be in domestic violence services. The orgs in my area, however, don’t have the funding to hire people on. I have been kicking around the idea of possibly starting my own. We shall see 🙂

        Glad to have you back!

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss, that is amazing! I’m proud of you. If you want to share the volunteer apps….I will put them on here that way others will know and maybe they can see them and volunteer. That would be awesome if you could start your own domestic violence service. Turn something bad into good. Let me know what you do. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video. Yes it was difficult to watch but that is the truth I too would love to start my own DV organization as well but you are right it is tough when it comes to funding and hiring people in.

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