Today is a NEW day

a new day



As most of you know who follow my blog…..not only have I been abused, but I also have Fibromyalgia. The Fibro was brought on by all of the abuse.

Last week I was FINALLY able to get to a Neurologist. I have severe migraines and blurry vision. I also fall alot and my arms, hands, and toes will go numb. So they want to do an MRI. They MRI is to check for pinched nerves and bulging discs in my spine and also to check for a brain tumor Β for my migraines.

I will be very worried until the MRI is done and I get the results. I know that I should leave it in God’s hands, but I can’t help but worry.

As for the NEW DAY, I have decided that with all the problems the abuse has brought me, I am not going to let it control my life anymore. I am taking over so look out world!


10 thoughts on “Today is a NEW day

  1. Hi, Sandi. My name is Amy and I found your blog through someone that follows both our blogs. I am sorry that you are having all these issues with your health as a consequence of the abuse you endured. I, too, have issues resulting from abuse I suffered. The most bothersome are my migraines, which I believe I now get from my abuser so often repeatedly hitting my head with a closed fist and several objects. I have not yet been to the doctor, as I have no insurance. I am currently in the process of applying for financial assistance through a local hospital. If approved, they will cover everything for three months, so I plan on getting everything looked at, no matter how small it may seem.

    Be sure to keep us posted on how the results for your MRI turn out. And enjoy your newly found freedom and use it to repair the damage, find yourself, and thrive.

    • Hi Amy…thank you for your concern. πŸ™‚

      I have had my freedom from the person that did this for about 8 yrs now….but I have let it control my life. I have tried to deal with it on my own because I have severe trust issues. I tried going to a therapist but all she says is I need to let it go and that I think too much about it….blah blah blah! So I am not seeing her anymore and I am just going to put it in the good Lord’s hands. I am sorry that you have been through some of what I have been through. We can do this! We need to look for our “Brighter Tomorrows”. Good luck in getting to see your doctors.

      • Sandi, my counselor would go nuts if I were to tell her a DV survivor is being coached to just let it go. Was your counselor ever abused, I wonder? If so, has she gone so long now that she forgets the compassion and guidance and support I am sure were shown to her? I cannot imagine the frustration of the counselor invalidating what you suffered through. Everyone heals differently. Some need more talking than others. Some need more guidance, to be checked on more frequently, to be encouraged and helped, not brushed off like you are wasting the person’s time!

        You will heal in the manner than you need to, on your own timeline, NOT ANYONE ELSE’S.

        I have had a lot of support from my congregation, Jehovah, co-workers, friends, family, and my Kerwyn πŸ™‚ I have found that connecting with other survivors of abuse has been a tremendous help in regards to my progress. I would suggest finding another counselor, but in the mean time, reach out to us. We will gladly be there to support you and encourage you along the way!

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  3. No she was never abused. That is what bothers me so much. They should only allow Domestic Violence Survivors as counselors (in my opinion). You can go to school, and read all the books that you want, but until you have been in that situation, you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. The only reason I am doing so well and snapping out of it so to speak is because of my new boyfriend and because of my children; If it wasn’t for them, who knows where I would be.

  4. How can a person counsel and encourage and help someone struggling with this if they have not been through it? I do not understand this! This is one of the many instances in life where BOOK SMARTS mean absolutely nothing. There is no substitute for experience. She couldn’t even take the time to develop common sense about what NOT to say.. This is not something you just “get over.” It takes so much effort and struggling and patience and support, and even when you get to a place where you feel you are doing well, all it takes is one. single. trigger to make that old familiar feeling of panic and pain to wash over you and steal your peace! I know I have worked hard to obtain and maintain the relative peace I have inside, and the thought of a person who is supposed to be providing support and help taking it from me when so much else already can? Not appreciated, at all!

    I do have to say that I feel extremely grateful and appreciative and blessed for all the support I have received since I left my ex in December. I can so with no reservation or second thoughts that if it wasn’t for Jehovah, my congregation, my “mother” and her family, my co-workers in my department at work (who have been wonderfully supportive), and last but definitely not least, my Kerwyn, and some of you whom I have met along the way…. I would NOT be doing so well. In fact, I would probably be a mess instead of enjoying the fact that I have taken my life back.

    I am sorry, Sandi, that you have carried the suffering so long. There is nothing worse than escaping that situation and then finding yourself still trapped by it. The damage left behind in the wake of leaving an abusive relationship can be devastating to the point it can handicap you for years. I am happy to see you finally getting some recovery and love in your life. Come back out into the light. It’s better out here, and the world could use you! πŸ™‚

  5. It is alright Amy….with the help of my loving boyfriend (of almost 3 yrs), he is helping me and I am learning to deal with this on my own. He is the only support system that I have besides God. Because of my Fibro and the severity of it, I can not go to church. So I will deal with this the best way that I can. And I WILL overcome it and I WILL see my brighter tomorrows. I AM DETERMINED!!!!

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