Good morning to all ~
I’m sorry I have been absent for awhile….have been dealing with a few things. But I think I have things under control.
I would first like to say that I now have limited access to the internet so I won’t be posting as much as I did before I took my small leave of absence. I am truly sorry for this but I will post as much as I can. I will try to keep things updated from my phone.
Now to the reason for this post :  I named it Choices because I seemed to have forgotten that I do have choices when it comes to my life. I can either sit there and let all of my past abuse eat me up inside and consume me with hatred and anger and disgust and being bitter all the time, or I can TRY to do something about it. I must admit, most of the time I am pretty good at dealing with it, but every now and then it sneaks up on me and I get in a serious slump. And when I do it is hard to get out of.  But, I have made a pact with myself, I will NEVER again let myself get dragged down like that again. 
So, all I have to say to all the people out there that are going through what I have gone through, it is NOT worth harboring anger and hatred….all it does is make you miserable. At first, yes, scream, do whatever you gotta do to get it out of your system, but after that let it go and move on to “Brighter Tomorrows”

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