Down In The Dumps

down in the dumps



Ever have one of those days when you just feel like nothing you do is going right? Well yesterday was one of those days. And I have a feeling today is going to be one of those days as well.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day outside and on those kind of days I usually feel wonderful because I can get outside and pull weeds, or hang clothes, or play with the dogs. But I just had the blues yesterday. I love listening to music and had music on yesterday morning and my abusers and I’s wedding song came on and that just blew my day to hell and a hand basket. NO, I didn’t get all teary eyed and awww I miss him and I want to go back. That type of thing. It brought out the anger in me. Like how in the world could I have been so stupid to marry his pathetic little behind? 

Just curious, but has anyone else had something that they regretted doing so much that later it brought out anger in them?

Well, I am trying to get in a good mood today. I am thinking positively, and NOT listening to music. And looking up positive inspiration on the internet. So YES today will be a picture day on my blog…LOL.

Today will also be a day for catching up on comments! Hope everyone has an awesome day. Let’s see if we can catch those “Brighter Tomorrows”!




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