The Day That I Run

I got this poem from

The Day That I Run:

When I look in the mirror I cant help but see,
The terrible bruises that you left on me.
How did this happen, where’d I go wrong,
You were so loving but that didn’t last long.
What did I do that was oh so bad,
How can you get so crazy mad,
I said I was sorry, I begged you to stop,
You threatened my life if I dare call a cop.
So I floated away into my mind,
A place I will never dare let you find.
Makeup and glasses to hide what you’ve done,
Thinking and dreaming of the day that I’ll run.
Packing my shit and hitting the road,
No longer carrying this heavy load.
I’ll plan it smart and I’ll plan it well,
The day will come when I leave this hell.
You better not come, you better not look,
Cause I promise you this it’ll be your life I took.

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